Liberal Politics Far More Dangerous Than Global Warming!

By John W. Lillpop

As Barack Obama prepares to ask Congress for $2 billion to fund the “humanitarian crisis” he created at the US Border, and as the Marxist nightmare known as Obamacare continues to erode what was once the best health care system in the world, another humanitarian crisis is being played out in the once -proud American city of Detroit.

As reported:

“Nicole Hill is one of thousands of residents in Detroit who have had their water and sewer services turned off as part of a crackdown on customers who are behind on their bills.
In April, the city set a target of cutting service to 3,000 customers a week who were more than $150 behind on their bills. In May, the water department sent out 46,000 warnings and cut off service to 4,531. The city says that cutting off water is the only way to get people to pay their bills as Detroit tries to emerge from bankruptcy — the utility is currently owed $90 million from customers, and nearly half the city's 300,000 or so accounts are past due.”

Detroit, a ravaged relic of liberal politics gone amuck, where greedy labor unions and “progressive” solutions have solved nothing, while bringing absolute misery to this city and to its citizens.

The disaster that is Detroit makes it obvious that the citizens of Detroit might get more attention by sending their under- 18 children to the US-Mexico border in tattered clothes and fractured Spanish, posing as illegal aliens and seeking refugee status. The only thing required would be a commitment from the parents of the children to vote Democrat for life, a commitment most Detroit folks already accept at birth.

Clearly, in Barack Obama’s muddled mind, illegal aliens are more important than citizens because of the potential to create more Democrats by pandering to illegals.

The Detroit “humanitarian crisis” also proves that liberal policies are far more dangerous to the well being and lives of humans than any real or imagined danger from global warming!