Whatever Happened to “Moving Beyond Mindset of Perpetual War,” Barack?

By John W. Lillpop

One of Barack Obama’s most annoying mannerisms is his propensity to engage in “preachy hypocrisy,” in which The One looks down his snooty nose at we the unwashed and proceeds to lecture us with his superior intellectual and moral perspective concerning everything from the need to abandon fossil fuels to his warped conviction that access to government-funded abortion and contraception are inalienable rights found in the US Constitution, but only by those sufficiently blessed with the intellectual tools needed to see light and truth.

As an undeserving and farcical recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama is particularly passionate about the subject of war and he openly shares adamant opposition to it, especially as concerns American politicians.

As reported at the reference, Obama has long been a cheerleader for surrendering America’s sovereignty and legitimate national interests in order to achieve unilateral peace:

Said he:
“We must move beyond the mindset of perpetual war: Closing the prison in Guantanamo, tightly controlling use of new technology like drones, security with the balance of the protection of privacy — I’m confident that balance can be struck.”

Obama stated that technology can help preserve security, but not at the expense of personal freedoms, and that security precautions “confront real dangers, not ordinary people.”

Obama followed in the footsteps of past U.S. leaders, asking Russia and the rest of the world to reduce nuclear capabilities. Obama said a review of the U.S. nuclear capability showed that stockpiles can be reduced by up to a third while maintaining the necessary deterrent.

Obama’s foreign policy statements also included his challenge to tear down walls “in our own hearts,” by promoting peace across the world, including a solution for Israel and Palestinians.”

Unfortunately, Obama’s high-sounding rhetoric does not match his War at Any Cost! obsession with Syria.

Which invites the logical question: Whatever Happened to “Moving Beyond the Mindset of Perpetual War,” Barack?