Does Pope Francis Need an Exorcist?

By John W. Lillpop

As a member of the Linkedin. com social media, I have never been endorsed as a “Biblical scholar” or even mentioned favorably as a spiritual savant.

Few in Linkedin, or anywhere else for that matter, associate the Holy name Lillpop with seer or prophet. My visions are mostly hallucinatory at worse, irrelevant at best.

Still, with my limited (NONE) training in theology, even I can see the clouds of doom gathering over Christendom, especially the Vatican and Pope Francis.

To begin with, the sudden departure of Pope Benedict is not yet explained satisfactorily…to my inquiring mind.

Why did he leave? What skeletons in his closet drove Pope Benedict to such an abrupt exit from a cushy job in Rome?

Then, from where in Hades does Pope Francis derive his religiosity? Straight from Beelzebub?

How else to explain Pope Francis reaching out to atheists and those who condone abortion and gay marriage?

Or is this just a political ploy to make a place for Nancy Pelosi and her counterfeit spirituality in the Catholic Church?

Has Satan invaded the Vatican and taken over? Does Pope Francis need an exorcist? If so, is it covered by ObamaCare?