Syria War to Bump Obamacare Train Wreck from Headlines?

By John W. Lillpop

Call me a cynic, but when it comes to Barack Obama, I believe nothing he says and take nothing he claims at face value. He always has a hidden agenda and an ulterior motive, neither of which are ever good for America.

Thus, I find it more than odd that our feckless leader, who has spent the better part of the past five years avoiding decisions and dithering when it comes to dealing with Muslim thugs, all of a sudden becomes a hysterical war monger over a tragic, inhumane episode in Syria, which, as awful as it was, involves no, repeat NO, loss of American life, no loss of American treasure, no loss of American anything, excepting perhaps Obama's personal credibility which, truth be told, is much ado about nothing!

Barack, from a pacifist lefty to a macho kicker of Muslim butt, seemingly overnight?

After years of refusing to heed admonitions that he “man up” in the war on terror, we are now supposed to believe that Obama has finally seen the light and recognizes the “Religion of Peace” for what it is—an organized killing machine posing as religion?

Does that make any sense?

Of course not.

Think for a moment: What other issue is pressing down on The One at the moment? What other matter has the potential to blow his legacy into smithereens and leave him humiliated and lost?

Ah! A flash of light exposes the fact that in just three weeks, the Marxist nightmare known derisively as Obamacare is due to hit the American middle-class with a bang and end the 40-hour work week as we know it.

As of October 1, we the American people will finally learn what is in Obamacare! According to multiple sources, the picture that will emerge in NOT pretty—in fact, sending troops into harm’s way many be less painful!

There you have it: Barack is anxious to start a war against Syria to take attention off Obamacare!

Thank goodness we have a robust media that will smoke out this nefarious scheme…right?