Time to “Defund” GOP House Leadership?

By John W. Lillpop

The only thing worse than a gang of corrupt Democrats playing deceitful games with Congressional protocol, such as the Obamacare stinker passed in the wee hours of the night by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, is a gang of addled Republicans hell- bent on outdoing the Democrats when it comes to tomfoolery, fraud, and sheer idiocy.

Unfortunately, the GOP House attempted such a travesty with a bill cleverly(?)designed to give House Republicans a chance to vote to defund Obamacare, while simultaneously allowing GOP types to fund the ACA, all in one foul-smelling piece of legislative voodoo that only one as simple-minded as Nancy Pelosi could appreciate.

This fiasco was described as follows:

The House would vote to fund the government in one bill and to defund (or delay) Obamacare in another. A special rule would force the Senate to vote on both. So, the Democrat-controlled Senate would face no pressure and approve the spending while rejecting the Obamacare defunding. The sole purpose of this unusual mechanism would be to bamboozle voters at home into thinking their congressman took a stand, when he actually surrendered without a fight. The proposal didn't go over well Tuesday at a rally at the Capitol sponsored by various Tea Party groups, where several speakers blasted the ploy. By Wednesday, a planned vote on the continuing resolution had been pulled.

God help us if the Republican Party has sunk to the level of Nancy Pelosi!

Perhaps its time to defund the GOP House leadership?