In the Best Interest of America, Regime Change Essential!

By John W. Lillpop

While Barack Obama, John Kerry, and other hypocritical progressives insist that any mission in Syria must not even contemplate “Regime Change” or US boots on the ground, there are those, wiser and more honest by far, who insist that regime change MUST take place.

MUST take place in Washington, D.C., that is!

For it is the haphazard “leadership” of Barack Obama that has driven America to the quagmires in Syria, Egypt, Libya and other lands where the Arab Spring has been promoted by our inept community organizer.

Getting Barack Obama out of office should be the greatest priority of all, Democrats and Republicans alike!

Such change would facilitate a more balanced and reasonable foreign policy and would bring about the changes needed to heal America domestically as well!

Regime change—yes! Starting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!