What About Benghazi, Barack?

By John W. Lillpop

Why is Barack Obama so intent on making war in order to send a message to those responsible for the use of WMD in Syria, while simultaneously ignoring the brutal murder of four American diplomats in Benghazi nearly one year ago?

As tragic and despicable as the August 21 gassing was, the fact remains that no Americans were killed, or even involved, for that matter.

And while the 1,500 Syrians allegedly gassed outside Damascus are a tragic blemish on humanity, the deceased are but a small percentage of the estimated 120,000 victims that Obama has chosen to ignore for the past two years.

Meanwhile, in the case of the September 11, 2012 murder of four American diplomats in Libya, the survivors of that awful day are still off limits to those seeking answers to exactly what happened.

Nearly one year later, we still do not know whom
gave the order to “stand down,” rather than assist the besieged diplomats.

Further, Americans still do not know where our untrustworthy Commander-In-Chief was during the several hours from the time that the terror attack began until the next morning.

Golf? Fund raising?

Americans still do not know whom authored the “Talking Points” that UN Ambassador Susan Rice took with her during a blitz of five Sunday news shows on September 16, said Talking Points seemingly crafted to spread the false narrative that an obscure anti-Muslim movie on YouTube was the driver behind the Benghazi slaughter.

While the September 11 assault is riddled with unanswered questions and inconsistencies fostered by stonewalling, some facts are certain: Benghazi happened during a presidential election in which Barack Obama was seeking reelection AND Obama was most anxious to assure that nothing challenged the foolish assertion that Al-Quaeda was “decimated” and that the war-on-terror had been won.

All of which causes one to audaciously ask, again: What About Benghazi, Barack?