How Concerned Should Congress Be About “Humiliating” Obama? Not At All!

By John W. Lillpop

Progressive stooges in Congress, especially the US House, have indicated a desire to vote YES! for the war on Syria just to avoid humiliating, further, the Defrocked Messiah of the Left, the unlovable and unloved Barack Hussein Obama, who has disgraced America with unending feckless judgement and foolish acts.

Indeed, loosely-wrapped Democrats (aren’t they all?) would rather risk World War 111 and obliteration of the US and Israel than see a single gray hair on BHO’s lying head ruffled.

It’s only through an odd morphing of partisan ignorance with black racism that keeps our community organizer from being run out on a rail!

All of which is inexplicable, to say the least.

After all, Obama has repeatedly humiliated the American brand with his foolish assaults on capitalism, Christianity, traditional moral values including one-man, one- woman marriage, the Rule of Law and the Constitution, and simple arithmetic.

Now that this man of limited talent, and even less integrity, finds himself isolated and trapped by his own stupid rhetoric, should our elected Congress folks bail his posterior out?

Hell, no, says I!

Barack Obama has earned a good humiliation to pound that arrogance from his soul. He deserves to be isolated in a corner with “World Dunce” etched on his forehead as a reminder that simple-minded idiocy is never in season, and simply will not be countenanced in our Commander-In-Chief!

Humiliate Barack Obama? By all means!