Is Obama Operating Under a State of “Diminished Capacity”?

By John W. Lillpop

Much of Barack Obama’s faulty governance is attributed to his exceptional ability to distort the truth: That is, he is a damned liar!

However, Obama’s public pronouncements of late are so far removed from reality that one wonders if other forces are at work.

For instance, The One made headlines by declaring that increasing the debt ceiling will NOT increase the debt.

Before that, he emphatically stated that he did NOT draw a red line in the Syrian crisis.

And even as labor unions demand that Obamacare be changed or repealed, and as more and more employers take actions to avoid the stings of Obamacare, he insists that the ACA is not harming the economy and is good for the American middle class.

These examples should send a red flag to all members of Congress accordingly: Is Barack Obama suffering from “diminished capacity,” and does that condition pose a threat to the national interests and security of the United States?

Remember when Obama insisted that the War Powers Act did not apply to his actions in Libya? His “reasoning” was that firing Tomahawk Missiles did not involve “hostilities.”

Excuse me?

One of the arguments Obama used in pushing the ACA is that his plan would cover 30 million people currently without insurance, and that adding those 30 million to the insurance rolls would reduce health care costs.

Did anyone believe that?

On and on the list of incredible nonsense goes.

All of which should force Congress to seriously question Obama’s ability to lead the nation and defend the Constitution.

In other words, is Barack Obama suffering from diminished capacity so severe that he should be removed from office in accordance with the 25th Amendment?