Obama’s “Credibility”: Much Ado About Nothing!

By John W. Lillpop

Hollywood anti-war scalawags and Congressional Democrats wrapped in Hawks’ clothing are wringing their hands in collective despair these days at the conundrum brought to market by Barack Obama and his proposed rendezvous with Tomahawk Missiles in Syria, which could become the second Muslim nation to feel the wrath of a jaded American Jihadist posing as President of these United States.

The cause of the hysteria in Tinsel Town and in the dark Cloak rooms of Washington, D.C.? The threatened impugning of the “credibility” of Barack Obama, America’s Nobel Peace Prize recipient who has been recently transformed into a hysterical war-monger over a simple red line!

A word to the wise should suffice, but when one is addressing Democrats, wisdom is no where to be found!

Still, brain-dead Democrats should take solace in a simple, but profound truth: When it comes to credibility, Barack Obama has none to lose!