Solyndra Scandal: Obama Subordinates Interests of American Taxpayers to That of Campaign Donors

By John W. Lillpop

The Solyndra fiasco is living proof that government, especially when big and in the hands of spending-addicted, foolish liberals, should never be permitted to meddle in the world of commercial business.

This is true because people like Barack Obama are utterly ill-informed and lack the common sense needed to make sound decisions when it comes to investing taxpayer money.

Solyndra is the nightmare scenario where Obama’s hatred for oil and gasoline and all fossil fuels, combined with his obsession for PC -alternative energy, caused the administration to flush more than $500 million dollars (YOUR money, Patriot!) down the drain by investing in a company that ultimately filed bankruptcy and fired 1,100 employees.

THAT nightmare in which our naïve, inexperienced, and unqualified president pursued his ill-begotten pay back to campaign donors under the guise of creating jobs!

What will it take to convince our community organizer/president that he is simply out of his league when it comes to actually making sound business decisions?

In sum, Mr. President, You ‘HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!’ and should stay out of the way when important business decisions are being made.

Even more disconcerting than Obama’s naïve, goofy bungling, however, is the disclosure that the loan to Solyndra was structured in a manner that subordinates the interests of taxpaying Americans to that of the thugs who bundled campaign donations for Obama’s election.

In simple terms, it means that the Obama wonks placed Obama campaign donors ahead of American taxpayers in the ‘pecking order’ for recovery of money should Solyndra go belly up, which of course it did!

That arrangement is unprecedented and may be criminal.

By the way, why has this news failed to arouse the wrath of the OWS crowd?

Manipulating loan policy to favor greedy corporate interests is NOT OK—even if the greed involves Obama campaign donors!