Occupy Erick Holder’s DOJ?

By John W. Lillpop

A tsunami of self-righteous indignation has thrust hundreds of vagabond students and Big Labor Mobsters into shared occupancy of parks, tents, and other habitants in sufficiently close proximity to television and mass media distribution centers so as to distract attention from the dismal Presidency of Barack Obama.

That is the real objective behind the Occupancy Idiocy.

Having achieved a prominent and semi-permanent slot on the evening news and Page 1 headlines, the Occupancy Movement needs to assure its continued relevance by exposing even more corruption, racism, greed, and other undesirable traits in other segments of American history.

Fortunately for the Occupancy Wonks, greed and corruption is not limited to billionaires, Wall Street tycoons, and Republican fat cats.

In fact, a treasure cove of despicable behavior can be found in any one of hundreds of government bureaucracies where the sole function is to spend lavish sums of taxpayer wealth with reckless abandon and foolishness not often countenanced in private enterprise.

One excellent example of government bureaucracy gone way amuck is the Department of Justice where Erick Holder has been abusing American citizens with impunity for almost three years.

Holder’s DOJ is accused of shipping dangerous weapons to drug cartel thugs in Mexico where those weapons have been used for, among other evils, the slaughter of U.S. border patrol agents charged with keeping invaders out.

Get that? The DOJ under Erick Holder may prove to be an accessory to murder!

Now THAT is worth protesting!

Holder, an African-American, is also alleged to have used race in deciding which criminal complaints were to be taken seriously—with complaints from Caucasians all but ignored.

Erick Holder has also been seen as “soft” on terrorists given his obsession with closing GITMO and trying terrorists captured on the battlefield in civilian courts.

Given Erick Holder’s record of corruption and racism, when will the Occupancy crowd go after the really bad guys by occupying Holder’s DOJ?