Fodder for OWS: Obama, Dems Raise $70 Million in 3rd Quarter!

By John W. Lillpop

To renegade students and labor thugs in the OWS movement: Greed has once again consumed the body politic, big time, and We the people need for YOU to get on it ASAP.

The fact: A major American political party raised $70 million in the 3rd quarter alone!

$70 million, brothers and sisters, at a time of double-dip recession, when trillions of dollars of debt are being piled on the backs of young bucks and fillies like YOU, your children, your grandchildren, their children, and on and on!

$70 million, you anti-capitalists, at a time when employment in decent-paying jobs has become more of an optical illusion than a Dream, thanks in part to treasonous Marxists who drive down wages and benefits for working Americans by importing tens of millions of unskilled, non-English speaking invaders from Mexico—for votes and power!

$70 million dollars, fellow occupiers, while millions of Americans are being foreclosed upon and forced to leave their homes because of reckless endangerment by power-mad Marxists who forced lenders to lower the time-honored underwriting standards in order to placate those who simply cannot afford homes, thereby effectively ending the American Dream for millions who used to be able to qualify!

$70 million dollars, OWS owls, at a time when 40-50 Americans are forced to grovel in the mud for food stamps just to survive!

In addition to these facts, fellow marchers, note that the leader of this political party has a goal of raising one billion dollars so that he can be reelected and continue his genocide against the middle class.

No doubt you are salivating at the thought of securing the names and addresses of the white Republicans guilty of the above-mentioned abuses?

Surprise, fellow communists and union thugs, the “guilty” party is none other than the Democrats, headed by a person of color who was supposed to usher in an age of “post-racial” utopia, but whom instead has turned our melting pot into a smoldering cauldron of racial hatred and enmity.

Repeat: The Democrat Party raised $70 million of its goal to raise one billion dollars for the reelection of an unqualified community organizer who hates America.

So, fellow marauders, now that you know the truth, what the hell are you going to do about it?