Learning from Perry's Implosion: Pandering to Illegal Aliens a Fatal Mistake!

By John W. Lillpop

Rick Perry’s amazing rise to the top among GOP presidential hopefuls was trumped only by his spectacular crash and burn act which now finds the edgy cowboy struggling just to hang on.

Lest other RINOs forget, remember that Perry’s nosedive to hell started that fateful night when he defended his idiotic give-away to illegal aliens and slammed those who disagree as, “you have no heart.”

Other candidates on the stage that evening took turns kicking Perry in the butt for his foolish statement and policy.

Days later, the straw poll in Florida confirmed that coddling illegal aliens is anything but a winning strategy for any serious Republican.

Coddling illegal aliens at the expense of American citizens is a thoroughly disgusting act of treason best left to loopy Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, and, yes, President Obama.

The GOP has always been the party of ‘Law and Order,’ a label that makes Republicans attractive by comparison to their Democrat colleagues who could care less about the Constitution, rule of law, and the needs and interests of American citizens.

Democrats care only about retaining power and if it means pandering to invaders then so be it!

Republicans must remember that, above all else, illegal aliens are ILLEGAL!

With scores of millions of American citizens suffering great financial distress, why in the world would any politician with a real heart seek to spend taxpayer money on people who do not belong here?

The candidate who secures the conservative vote will push for securing the border, with force if needed, full implementation of immigration laws, including a firm committment to deport every last illegal in the nation!

Tough enforcement actions in Arizona and Alabama prove that illegal aliens will self-deport, PROVIDED the government does NOT reward the miscreants with driver’s licenses, in-state tuition, free health care, free education and other benefits designed to serve citizens.

The ideal GOP candidate will call for securing the border and deportations to end and reverse the invasion of American by foreign criminals!