Open Borders and Illegal Alien Advocates: Deliberately Destroying a Great Nation

By John W. Lillpop

The presence of illegal aliens in our schools, work places, shopping malls, and yes, even voting booths, is highly distressing to patriotic citizens with the slightest respect for the rule of law, U.S. sovereignty, and the inarguable superiority of American culture and language.

Even after nearly three years of occupation by Barack Obama and his fellow Marxists, America is still Exceptional, the most prosperous society in human history, and a beacon of hope for all peoples of the world.

With all of that going for us, why in the world are liberals so determined to import and grant citizenship to tens of millions of invading criminals?

Many of whom are illiterate in their own language, almost all of whom are non-English speaking?

Why in hell is it the goal of the Democrat Party to usher tens of millions of uneducated, unskilled, impoverished foreigners into our midst; people who cost taxpayers over $100 billion a year?

What is the point—if not to destroy our great nation?

One could understand—without countenancing—efforts to lure masses of highly-educated, sophisticated physicians, engineers, scientists, and other productive folks from advanced nations into the American fold, even if said arrivals came here illegally.

Undocumented winners, if you will.

Again, it would not be right to condone violation of our borders and laws by the well-educated, regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality.

Yet, it would be partially understandable if American politicians looked the other way at invasions by those who are capable of contributing, rather than taking, from our society.

What manner of insanity causes politicians to trumpet the invasion of our pristine land by people who come from third-world failed nations and bring with them a built-in sense of entitlement?

People who risk life and limb to suckle at the public teat of services and goods intended for citizens and others with a legal and moral basis for being here?

In America’s ongoing battle to balance the federal budget and eliminate deadly deficit spending, why in the hell are we welcoming millions who come mainly for entitlements?

Why do Democrat politicians ignore the fact that America is already saddled with trillions of dollars in entitlement commitments which simply cannot be met?

Other than acting out on bizarre desires to destroy America and her heritage, is there any viable explanation for the mindless proposals for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (AMNESTY), and DREAM act nonsense?

Why are President Obama and fellow Marxists in the Democrat Party so intent on ‘redistribution of wealth’ from American citizens to illegal foreign invaders?