Rethinking the 'Climate Change' Blame Game

By John W. Lillpop

Although the science is not yet entirely settled, it does appear likely that the Planet Venus, also known as Earth’s “Sister,” should be a sanctuary of pristine delight for those whom worship at the altar of environmental utopia and whom believe that Earth would be just fine were it not for billions of out-of-control, toxic human beings.

And why not?

After all, there are no greedy Republican racists messing up environmental doings on Venus, no smoky old cars, coal plants, noxious  summer BBQ-s, or other instances of unchecked capitalism running amuck to the detriment of the Venus skies.

Even though Venus has no cars, coal plants, out-of- tune lawn mowers, or other obvious signs of man-made environmental abuse, it is inexplicably ravaged by out-of-control green house devastation and is regarded by many scientists as a “dead” planet.

Despite being free from the effects of industrial progress and man-made hell, Venus  is saddled with a stifling atmosphere of carbon dioxide, scorching surface temperatures, and other lethal conditions which make life there unmanageable, or even impossible.

Meanwhile, back here on Earth, home to the only known planet in our solar system on which the Garden of Eden can prosper, deluded crack pots and money-grubbing elitists like Barack Obama and Al Gore  warn of the dangers of human consumption while working to end capitalism as we know it.

Why do folks like Obama, Gore and other low-information alarmists persist in blaming the human species for all environmental problems when it is obvious from Venus that mother nature, rather than a few billion misguided humans, will have her way, come hell or high water, or both?