More “Phony Scandals,” Mr. President?

By John W. Lillpop

Before resolving, or even coming close to resolving, any of the impeachable-offense scandals which taint Barack Obama’s drive to be remembered as the iconic morphing of a Chicago thug and community organizer into the spiritual equivalent of Jesus Christ, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela, The One’s inner circle of scandal and corruption has grown by two whoppers in recent days.

Specifically, whilst the stench of Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservatives, Fast and Furious gun-running, spying on the Associated Press by the Justice Department and abuse of FOX News reporter James Rosen, violation of War Powers Act with regard to Libya, Solyndra and other solar-energy scams, and other anti-American offenses continue to simmer about and haunt the US Constitution, separation of powers, and the US Congress,  two newly-discovered scandals worthy of impeachment and removal from office have erupted around the bewildered, but belligerent, Obama.

In recent days, scandals involving the delivery, or non-delivery, of services to Veterans and the unconscionable release of 35,000 criminal illegal aliens awaiting deportation have been added to the Obama scandal inventory!

Imagine that: An administration that works to deny eligible veterans earned benefits while rewarding criminal illegal aliens with undeserved freedom!

Just what the Hades is going on here?

More “Phony Scandals,” Mr. President?