Progressive Tyranny: Disenfranchisement by Executive Order!

By John W. Lillpop

Over the years, progressive politicians have argued vociferously against policies and procedures which they believe, or claim to believe, results in disenfranchisement of large segments of American voters, most commonly racial minorities and women.

Thus, progressives have fought tooth and nail against voting tolls, competence testing, and the like as tools of discrimination. Regrettably, progressive paranoia goes beyond the pale when, in the name of defending against disenfranchisement,  the left opposes common sense measures like Voter ID laws designed to assure the integrity of free and open elections.

But while progressives generally oppose measures to prevent voter fraud, despite the fact that America is plagued by a pandemic of identity theft, the most tyrannical and evil form of disenfranchisement is tolerated, even lauded by some extremists on the left.

That would be the deliberate usurping of the Constitution and the will of the people by President Barack Obama who uses executive fiat rather than the rule of law to govern.

In Obama’s distorted mind, the US Congress can be ignored and or defied by simply using a phone and pen!

Disagree with what current law says about deporting illegal aliens, but are unable to gain a political consensus sufficient to modify the law?

No problem! Just issue an Executive Order under the signature of the president and command the federal government to yield to the Obama vision, and to hell with Congress and the rule of law!

Intent on making Marxist health care a legacy achievement, despite the fact that a sizable majority of Americans are vehemently opposed?

Again, no problem. Using Executive fiat, Barack Obama feels oddly justified in unilaterally modifying the written law to suit his personal agenda, including manipulation of dates and actions so as to minimize political repercussions which could impact the electoral fortunes of like-minded liberals on election day.

Believe that the use of coal is hazardous to the environment and should be halted, despite the fact that millions of Americans are employed in the coal industry and are dependent on that commodity for their livelihoods? AND that state and local politicians are opposed to destroying an entire industry just to satisfy ideological passion?

Barack Obama apparently feels no compunction about bankrupting the coal industry by ordering the EPA and other government agencies to wreak economic havoc through regulation.

Thankfully, Barack Obama is unable to gain consensus on  his radical agenda.

Unfortunately, Obama does not give a damn about consensus and will use whatever means necessary to ram his views down the throats of the US Congress and the American people.

And what of the “Consent” of the governed? The rule of law? Separation of powers? Constitutional checks and balances?

All for naught according to Barack Obama.

Barack Hussein Obama: America’s Disenfranchisement tyrant!

How much longer will Barack Obama be allowed to  govern America without the consent of the governed?