Illegals Made Legal by EO Will Always Be 2nd Class Frauds!

By John W. Lillpop

In their zeal to grow the Democrat Party into a perpetual progressive majority, liberal politicians are anxiously striving to secure amnesty, including full citizenship, for tens of millions of foreign illegal aliens, most of whom are completely unknown as to criminal backgrounds, medical history, financial and credit worthiness, possible links to terrorism, national allegiance and loyalty, and acceptance of American cultural values and Democratic principles.

Liberals have chosen to forfeit the rule of law, the US Constitution, and established American language, culture, and heritage, in exchange for millions of impoverished foreigners who, if things go according to plan, will ultimately be compelled to vote for more and bigger government, unrestrained  spending, redistribution of wealth and universal entitlements based on extracting higher and higher taxes from the rich; all of which will be executed by elitists expert in socialist tyranny, but without a “smidgen” of American patriotism.

Liberals are fully aware of the fact that “we the people” do not support proposed immigration reforms which would unfairly bestow citizenship on tens of millions of illegals who would radically transform the social and political culture of our blessed America.

Thus, knowing that the fundamental transformation of America from a capitalist, free-market society into a socialist nanny state cannot be accomplished in accordance with the US Constitution, illegal alien advocates are urging President Barack Obama to ignore the Constitution, the rule of law, and the US Congress, and to act unilaterally by issuing an Executive Order(s) to make that which is illegal suddenly legal and to render meaningless the concept of equal power among government branches and to further render irrelevant the notion of “government by, for, and of the people.”

Should the President actually engage in such abhorrent behavior, and should said abomination not be reversed in the halls of Congress or before the US Supreme Court, Barack Hussein Obama will have forever blighted the name and reputation of all who were gifted with citizenship as a result of his unchecked political greed and corruption.

Illegal aliens made legal by EOs signed by Obama will always known as 2nd-class frauds!