The Zany Liberal Mindset: Make the Illegal Legal and Outlaw That Which the Constitution Protects!

By John W. Lillpop

Just how zany, off center, and out of touch are Barack Obama and most Democrats?

Consider that the Democrat Party is almost unanimously in favor of pandering to tens of millions of foreign invaders who have violated US borders, thumbed their noses at our laws, refuse for the most part to assimilate into our culture and learn our language, cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars each year, and downgrade national security and American sovereignty.

Most of these invaders remain spiritually committed to their nations of origin, and would support same should hostilities between those nations and the US ensue.

Despite all of this, Democrats are most eager to grant citizenship and, ultimately voting rights, to foreign invaders who have no business being here and who bring little if any strength to the nation.

On the other hand, when it comes to rights specifically guaranteed by the US Constitution and which holds that the rights of citizens to bear arms shall not be infringed, Obama and the Marxist left is mostly committed to ignoring the Constitution in order stifle the rights and will of the people.

Once again, it appears that zombies on the left got it backwards!

Obama and the government should be enforcing the rule of law by hunting down and deporting any and all illegal aliens!

And, the Obama administration, sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, should at the same time be defending the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens by opposing ill-conceived laws, and a particularly off-center US Senator from California,  from attempting to circumvent the 2nd Amendment!

Come on Obama! Defend the 2nd Amendment and enforce existing immigration laws.

That is YOUR job, sir!