Jeff Sessions(R-Ala) Asks 10 Questions That Must Be Answered on Immigration Reform

By John W. Lillpop

Senator Jeff Sessions appears to be one of the very few members of the US Congress who actually has the interests of the American people in mind when it comes to the issue of illegal aliens and immigration reform.

In keeping with his reputation as a solid “America First” patriot, Sessions has made public a list of 10 questions which he believes must be answered before immigration reform is codified.

Given the nightmare that is currently unfolding with respect to ObamaCare, Sessions’ questions must be taken seriously to avoid another “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it” moment brought to the American people by the looney Nancy Pelosi.

Sessions demands answers to the following questions:

1. Is this bill enforcement first or legalization first?
2.What are the concrete metrics used to measure border security?
3. Does the bill complete the border fence and secure all ports of entry?
4. Who gets amnesty and how many?
5. How will the bill impact American workers and wages?
6. Is the guest worker program truly temporary?
7. Does the bill put a stop to sanctuary cities and resume cooperation with local law enforcement?
8. How does the bill guarantee that the Administration will not ignore future laws as it has with the laws already on the books?
9. How does the bill ensure that federal public charge law is enforced and that illegal immigrants do not access the welfare state through the granting of green cards and citizenship?
10. What is the long-term cost of the bill?

The details behind each question are provided at the reference. The Obama Administration and the Democrat Party must be forced to provide comprehensive, acceptable answers to these questions before any bill is actually written.