A Clarion Call to Patriots: Act Now to Save America!

By John W. Lillpop

Our elected officials still do not understand, or willfully refuse to understand, the rage that dwells within the hearts of Americans concerning the invasion of this nation by third-world illegal aliens.

Therefore, those who oppose open borders and amnesty must redouble our efforts to make sure that the message is delivered loud and clear.

Please copy and paste this petition, insert your name and e-mail address, and send the document to your Senators and Representatives at both the state and federal levels. Send it to ALL US Senators if you are able to.



DATE, 2013

Mr. President, Members of the United States Congress:

Notwithstanding the State of the Union Address delivered by President Obama earlier this year, the American citizen identified below believes that the state of this blessed union is:

In grave peril and in danger of collapse! 

Due to inappropriate actions and or inaction on the part of those entrusted with managing this great nation--that would be YOU, ladies and gentlemen--  the United States of America is on the brink of declining into a third-world abyss.

It is imperative that our government recognize the fact that the people are FED UP with the attempt by our own elected officials to undermine American sovereignty, homeland security, and culture.

In short, the people are:

 with the refusal of the federal government to secure our borders at time of war.

FED UP when Mexicans illegally cross our borders and assault and or kill Americans, yet our government takes no action, and refuses to even protest.

 when Americans defending the U.S. from drug smuggling illegal aliens are sent to federal prison, while invading criminals are to be forgiven via amnesty for violating our borders and laws.

FED UP with the fact that upwards of 20 million illegal aliens are currently in America, and cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

FED UP with a president who orders thousands of young Americans into harm's way thousands of miles from home, but who refuses to secure America.

FED UP with politicians who refuse to enforce immigration laws and who claim it is "impossible" to deport criminals here illegally.

FED UP with illegal aliens who can not and/or will not speak English.

FED UP with taxpayer dollars being wasted to print documents in foreign languages.

FED UP with illegal aliens who dump their medical bills on the backs of U.S. taxpayers, but who send $30-40 billion a year back to Mexico each year.

FED UP with the fact that providing free medical services to illegal aliens drives hospitals out of business, making those facilities unavailable to American citizens for whom the medical centers were intended.

FED UP with our schools being invaded by non-English speaking children who impede the learning process of students who genuinely belong here.

FED UP with the fact that federal, state, and local penal systems are overrun by illegal aliens, again costing taxpayers billions each year.

FED UP with the fact that, on average, illegal aliens kill 12 Americans every day.

FED UP with the fact that the overwhelming majority of felony crimes being investigated in Los Angeles have been committed by illegals from Mexico.

FED UP with politicians who refuse to round up and deport millions of illegal aliens who are destroying American culture and language.

FED UP with politicians, who pamper illegal aliens with driver's licenses and free public services, which encourage even more invaders to come to America.

with the attempted Mexicanization of America. Mexico is a third- world slum, and we are FED UP with those who want America to be like Mexico!

Finally, Mr. President and members of the U.S. Congress, the people are FED UP with those who consistently work on behalf of illegal aliens and the state of Mexico, and against the interests of the American people!

Required Corrective Measures: 

In order to remedy the government-caused grievances identified above, the undersigned citizen further petitions the president and the Congress to implement the following measures, immediately:

(1) Legislate a Constitutional Amendment that specifically prohibits the president and Congress from merging the interests of the United States with those of Canada and Mexico in a North American Union, Security and Prosperity Partnership, or other arrangement which would diminish the absolute sovereignty and independence of the United States;

(2) Secure the borders between the United States and Mexico with sufficient military force to prevent the unlawful entry of any person(s) onto sovereign American soil;

(3) Suspend all applications for legal immigration until the population of illegal aliens in America is certified to be at least 85 percent less than the number of illegal aliens granted amnesty as a result of the Immigration Reform and Control Act(IRCA) of 1986;

(4) Amend the Constitution such that "Anchor Babies," children born to those here illegally, are classified as illegal aliens and not entitled to any benefits or advantages accruing to United States citizens, and are furthermore subject to deportation in the same manner as are adult illegal aliens;

(5) Enforce all existing immigration laws, including those pertaining to deportation of illegal aliens;

(6) Provide for the arrest and long-term incarceration of any employer who, through negligence or willful non-compliance, fails to assure that all persons hired by said employer have a legal right to work in the United States. Willful violations of IRCA provisions in this area shall be adjudicated as serious criminal acts involving homeland security;

(7) Enact new laws to make illegal entry and residency in the United States a felony, punishable by five years in federal prison and a $500,000 fine for a first conviction, followed by deportation to the nation of origin.

( Any subsequent conviction for illegal entry and or residency shall be punishable by immediate deportation, and permanent designation as an avowed enemy of the United States and, as such, unwelcome within the United States for any commercial, social, or familial purpose, excepting only when ordered by a law enforcement authority for the purpose of prosecution or punishment, and provided that said illegal alien shall be under arrest and under the control of law enforcement at all times;

(9) Prohibit disbursement of any and all federal funds to cities designated by local officials as "Sanctuary Cities" for illegal aliens;

(10) Designate English as the official language of the United States, and the only language to be used by local, state, and federal governments, including voting materials and ballots.

(11) Prohibit the expenditure of tax-payer money for creating, printing, publishing or otherwise producing any documents or materials in any language other than English.

The state of this union is untenable and must not continue.

We DEMAND our great country back!

U.S. Citizen