Amnesty for Illegal Aliens: Another Obama “Train Wreck”?

By John W. Lillpop

The murderous bedlam that was Boston last week should send a clear and chilling message to the American people: The Obama administration is unable to manage the influx of legal immigrants into America, and cannot be counted on to protect we the people from radical Islam and other sources of terrorism!

That being the case, why, then, is our government unabashedly charging forward with a program of amnesty that would provide a ‘path to citizenship’ and other benefits to at least 11 million invading criminals from south of our borders?

If our government cannot manage those who come here lawfully, why in the world would responsible politicians from both parties be anxious to add millions of invading criminals to the work load of those responsible for securing we the people?

After all, it is not as though our elected officials are without work to keep them busy.

Consider: Barack Obama’s repeated assurances that the war on terror is over and that America is not at war with radical Islam have proven fundamentally and tragically wrong, resulting in death and serious injury for hundreds of spectators in Boston last week, and putting unknown millions of innocent Americans at risk.

Unemployment and the mounting federal deficit are major impediments to prosperity and growth; Iran and North Korea represent serious threats to world peace with the added dread of nuclear war very real; the government’s attempt to “infringe” on the 2nd Amendment gun rights of law-abiding Americans is pushing the nation closer and closer to civil war.

Last, but not least, ObamaCare, the signature legislation for the Obama administration is unraveling so thoroughly and rapidly that Max Baucus, one of the Democrat originators of the bill, now refers to it a “Train wreck.”

Given all of this, is it not time to step back, take a deep breath, and reconsider the whole issue of illegal aliens and the likely consequences that will ensue if the dreadful mistakes of the past few years are repeated in the area of illegal aliens?

The more prudent course would be to delay immigration reform and instead enforce existing law before giving 11 million criminals a pass on the rule of law!

Can America really afford another train wreck from the Obama administration?