Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee(D-Texas) Spends $23K on Round-the -World Trip: Why?

By John W. Lillpop

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has never been one to moderate on anything. From her wild-left ideas to her voting record, the woman seems to believe that the voters owe her a life of luxury and posh living.

Lee’s excesses apparently extend to her reckless use of taxpayer money to travel around the world. As reported at the reference:

The House Committee on the Judiciary reported Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) traveled around the world on an official trip in February that cost $23,646. The February 16-22 trip on commercial flights was to Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee did not travel over or back with CODEL Landrieu that included several members of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption. The delegation was to meet with local community leaders, adoption officials, and other government officials, such as the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee took commercial flights over and caught up with the delegation in Seoul, South Korea. After visiting South Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia she then left the delegation early for her return commercial fight through Frankfurt Germany.

The trip costs included $19,970 for transportation, $1,292 for per diem, and $2,385 for other purposes.

$2,385 for “other purposes,” Representative?

In an age when nearly 50 million Americans are living on food stamps and the government is in sequestration mode??

Dear, dear!

The larger question: Just what the hell does America gain by spending $23K to send a cowgirl from Texas to South Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia? Why did she not travel with the other members of the Congressional delegation?

Good heavens, with the nation nearly $17 T in debt, is there not a more prudent way to spend taxpayer money???