Immigration Reform Must Prohibit Dual Citizenship!

By John W. Lillpop

One of the most overlooked issues in the mad rush to grant amnesty to illegal aliens is the thorny issue of dual citizenship. It is well known that Latino illegal aliens, in particular those from Mexico, have strong emotional and cultural ties to their nations of origin.

This could pose a serious threat to American interests should hostilities between Mexico and the United States ensue. It has been recorded that a significant percentage of Mexicans living in America as US citizens would be inclined to support Mexico in any such conflict.

Therefore, any reform of our immigration system which allows foreign invaders to become US citizens MUST prohibit all such invaders from maintaining dual citizenship with any other nation.

After all, illegal aliens have violated US borders, ignored our laws, and thumbed their noses at the notion of US sovereignty and superior American culture.

Thus, it is only prudent to safeguard against those who might seek to subvert the interests of America and Americans during future conflicts.

Bottom Line: Dual citizenship must be prohibited for any and all illegal aliens seeking amnesty!