In Light of Boston Massacre, Time Is Right to Nix Amnesty for Invading Criminals!

By John W. Lillpop

The murderous bedlam that converted Boston into a domestic killing field for Islamic terrorists last week should send a clear and chilling message to the American people: Which is that the Obama administration has neither the ability nor desire to manage the influx of legal immigrants into America, and cannot be counted on to protect we the people from radical Islam and other sources of terrorism!

That being the case, why, then, is our government staggering forward with a program of amnesty that would provide a ‘path to citizenship’ and other benefits to at least 11 million invading criminals from south of our borders?

If our government cannot manage those who come here lawfully, why are so many politicians from both parties so anxious to add millions of invading criminals to the population?

Is it not time to step back, take a deep breath, and reconsider the whole issue of illegal aliens and the likely consequences to American citizens, all of whom deserve better?

Let’s kill the amnesty nonsense and learn how to enforce existing law before giving 11 million criminals a pass on the rule of law!