How To Say “Adios” in Spanish?

By John W. Lillpop

As corrupt Democrats and RINOs in Washington D.C. rush to sabotage American sovereignty, culture, and language by making invading criminals easy prey for votes and cheap labor, prudent Americans must ask, “What the hell is the big hurry?”

Especially in light of the Boston Massacre, why are responsible politicians not striving to find out why DHS and other Obama government agencies are unable to manage legal immigrants, before granting wholesale amnesty to those who are blatantly criminal, as evidenced by their unlawful invasion of our great nation?

Why the big hurry, Barack?

Two sinister reasons appear likely:

To begin with, Cinco de Mayo is just a couple of weeks away and unenlightened dullards in Washington would dearly love to add to the drunken celebration of the Mexicanization of America by announcing a grand, bipartisan scheme to make drunk driving and violent gangs part of the official American profile.

Secondly, with Obama’s tyrannical dictatorship growing less and less popular, the One knows that the 2014 elections are starting to look like a re-run of 2010, in which the people wisely seized the House of Representatives from the evil clutches of demented liberals like Nancy Pelosi.

Should the House remain a GOP majority in 2014, Obama knows that his last two years in office will produce few, if any, Marxist victories for touting in the Obama Memorial Library.

Because of these converging events, it seems as though the “Mexicanization of America” may not be available for unveiling by Cinco de Mayo on May 5.

Instead, the big question may well be, “How does one say ADIOS, in Spanish” to those headed home (involuntarily) from America?