Not So "Sweet" Nutcracker End for the Black Walnut

By John W. Lillpop

In a said day for those of us who found Herman Cain’s candidacy refreshing—at least for a while—the fellow who calls himself the “Black Walnut” has apparently cracked under the pressure of national politics.

As reported, in part, at the reference:

ATLANTA (AP) — The Cain train has come to a stop.
Herman Cain suspended his bid for the Republican presidential nomination on Saturday following a steady drumbeat of sexual misconduct allegations he said were harming his family and drowning out his ability to deliver his message.

With just one month to go until the lead-off Iowa caucuses, Cain's announcement is tantamount to a concession. Still, he told supporters, he planned to continue his efforts to influence Washington and announced "Plan B" — what he called a grassroots effort to return government to the people.

Cain denounced the accusations of impropriety against him as "false and unproven" but said that they had been hurtful to his family, particularly his wife, Gloria.

"So as of today, with a lot of prayer and soul-searching, I am suspending my presidential campaign. I am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distractions and the continued hurt caused on me and my family," a tired-looking Cain told about a 400 supporters.”

One hopes that quitting the race will bring a measure of peace to Cain who has been battered and rammed non-stop for two months.

For his wonderful wife Gloria, one offers more than hope: A prayer that she is able to withstand the hurt and pain inflicted on her over the past 60 days.

God Bless Gloria Cain!