“Last Noel” for Obama in Oval Office?

By John W. Lillpop

Technically, of course, Barack Obama will still be in the White House on Christmas Day 2012, irrespective of the election results from next November.

However, if the prayers and hopes of the American people are answered, the President and FLOTUS will spend next Christmas packing the family belongings into moving boxes for the trek back to the suburbs of Chicago.

Michelle’s TO DO list will include the vital task of registering the Obama daughters, Malia and Sasha, in suitably elitist schools in Illinois.

Barack will spend much time assuring that the world’s most famous teleprompter is packaged safely for the trip home.
Several journeys between Washington and Chicago will be required for Obama to settle on an appropriate golf course, commiserate with his lofty social status and not-so-lofty handicap.

All in all, Christmas 2012 may not be all that festive for the president and his family, particularly if the American people decline to renew his contract for another four years.

In contrast, for the American people, 2012 may be the most festive and joyful Christmas in memory!