Conclusions from Latest Drop in Unemployment

By John W. Lillpop

Great news all around as the latest unemployment number is ‘only’ 8.6 percent! From the slime and spin pit in the Oval Office, the news is being heralded as proof that Obama is on the right track.

One can also extrapolate the latest numbers to reach the following conclusions:

( )Unemployment is on the wane because the GOP won control of the U.S. House and additional influence in the Senate by virtue of the 2010 elections;

( ) The Tea Party has changed the culture of thinking in Washington, thereby inspiring positive economic news;

( )Obama’s “Jobs Bill” and other deficit-causing stimulus schemes are unneeded and would, if enacted, drive unemployment up again;

( )Improved employment results are directly related to the 2010 extension of the Bush tax cuts, thus making an excellent argument for those cuts being made permanent;

( )When Obama’s prospects for re-election dim significantly, a general sense of relief prevails among the American people, which inspires growth and more jobs; and

( ) Tough new immigration laws in Alabama, Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia, and Utah mean fewer illegal aliens in jobs that should be filled by citizens.

The summary conclusion: By failing so miserably in his first three years in office, Barack Obama has almost no chance of being reelected, a fact that has inspired a burst of new optimism and job creation in America!