Christmas Musings--Michelle's Posterior Versus Barack's Ego!

Satire by John W. Lillpop

As America continues to slide into a third-world, leaderless state, the national media have decided that the physical and intellectual attributes of the First Couple merit the undivided attention of the American people.

Thus, the raging inquiry: Between Michelle’s Posterior and Barack’s ego, which is the larger and more onerous?

As reported at reference 1, in part, a Republican Representative from the U.S. House sparked a national furor by ridiculing the size of Michelle’s backside:

After getting caught ridiculing Michelle Obama's "large posterior," a Wisconsin congressman has sent her an apology. "I regret my inappropriate comment and I have sent a personal note to the first lady apologizing," GOP Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner says in a statement. Meanwhile, a parishioner at the church where he made the comment has offered Politico a firsthand account.

"He got on the topic of first ladies and their special interests, and he said most first ladies have serious projects," said the 72-year-old woman. "He implied that Michelle Obama being interested in childhood obesity was not serious; he sort of made fun of it and then he made fun of her. He said something like, 'Look at her big butt,'" she said. "He just assumed everyone sitting at the table would agree with him and think it was funny." Instead, "there was sort of a stunned silence."

However provocative the debate over Michelle’s posterior might be, President Obama’s immodest evaluation of his role in history preempted the debate as reported in part at Reference 2:

In his interview with 60 Minutes, Barack Obama said he was the “fourth-best president.” This was cut from the program. Since it is such a compelling statement, (one) can only presume it was cut — like so many other things that were great in journalistic terms — to keep Obama from looking bad. But those making fun of Obama for this statement have just skimmed the surface. Actually, there is a lot to be discovered from further examining what he said.

It has often been remarked that Obama is a narcissist, but what we see here is actually dangerous, a man who is so closed and arrogant that he really cannot take criticism into account. Any leader, except a dictator (and as a result they make lots of mistakes), needs to listen to criticism and adjust policies, not necessarily change them entirely, but alter them to deal with his own errors, new discoveries, and changing conditions.

Note in Obama’s case how his new “jobs bill” is merely a repeat of the failed stimulus. And similar things can be said about his foreign policy — he simply does not take in developments and criticism. This is parallel to a ship’s captain being warned that there’s a big iceberg ahead, and continuing with his speech about how he has set the perfect course. “

It seems clear that when it comes to egos and posteriors in the White House, SIZE MATTERS!

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