While Obama Vacations in Luxury and Comfort, War Rages in Ferguson, MO!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s promise to usher in the “post-racial” era in America has been jettisoned to the trash heap of broken promises, lies, and utter failure, hastened by events in Ferguson, MO where the calming influence of Reverends Jackson and Sharpton has resulted in another shooting and run-away rioting.

As reported at the reference:

At about 1 a.m., a St. Louis County Police officer shot and critically wounded a man who police said pointed a handgun at the officer near the intersection of West Florissant and Chambers Road.

The shooting happened near Chambers and Sheffingdell Court, not far from the site of protests against police over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. The location is less than a mile from the QuikTrip on West Florissant that was looted and burned Sunday night.

Police said they received a call reporting about four to five men in the area armed with shotguns and wearing ski masks. They also got reports of shots fired in the area. Police officers arrived and saw "multiple subjects running," said police spokesman Officer Brian Schellman.

An officer approached one of the men and he pulled a handgun on the officer who then fired, Schellman said.

Police said they recovered the handgun at the scene. The man was taken to a hospital.

Officers cleared the shooting scene shortly before 5 a.m. By 6:30 a.m., the streets were quiet and school buses were running.”

Meanwhile, Barack Obama vacations in the splendor and luxury of Martha’s Vineyard, far removed from the riots and shootings taking place in the greater St. Louis area.

Whatever happened to your “Post-racial” promise, Mr. President?