Obama's Rationale for NOT Having ISIL “Strategy”

By John W Lillpop

Barack Obama shocked, saddened, and disappointed a lot of Americans when he blithely announced that the US government does NOT YET have a strategy for dealing with ISIL, the most ferocious, brutal, well-funded, and savvy terrorist group to threaten 21st century civilization, and America in particular.

What could possibly be going through the shallow, socialist mind of America’s alleged Commander-in-Chief? How can this character continue to occupy the Oval Office in light of such epic failures and incompetence?

Perhaps Obama’s incompetence can be traced to his dysfunctional mindset which holds that:

*The war on terror is over!

*We tortured terrorists at GITMO, so perhaps we are to blame!

*Al-Quaeda has been decimated

*World has never been safer!

*The perpetual war “mindset” is a relic of the failed Bush years—hope and change transition eliminates need to wage endless war!

*Islam is a religion of peace---US NOT at war with Islam!

Given the  pathetic notions above, it is surprising that Obama has not offered to unilaterally surrender to ISIL and its new caliphate!