Lesson Learned: Looting, Molotov Cocktails, & Death Threats Do NOT Foster Justice!

By John W. Lillpop

Unimaginable heart-break and grief  haunt the parents of Michael Brown, the young black man shot and killed by local police on the streets of Ferguson on August 9.

As reported at the reference:

“The parents of Michael Brown, a teen who was fatally shot by an officer Saturday afternoon, spoke to the public about seeking justice and calling for an investigation in a Monday afternoon press conference.

Brown's parents said they had planned to celebrate the beginning of his education at a technical college Monday but now they're planning a funeral. No further details have been given for the funeral of Brown.”

Heart-breaking, unfair, un-American, ungodly, and literally insane.

No parents living in America should have to suffer the tragedy which has visited the Brown parents.

Surely the distraught parents deserve unbridled support  in their quest for answers and justice. Although justice can never bring Michael back, it can mollify---if ever so slightly--- the deadly pain.

Unfortunately, recent events on the streets of Ferguson have diverted attention from the pursuit of justice for Michael Brown to dealing with out-of-control violence in the beleaguered city. In effect, Michael Brown has been abandoned and co-opted by the very people who claim to be friends and supporters.

Rather than bringing public attention to the need for justice, demonstrators and antagonists have made an elaborate case for tougher, more draconian measures to protect the lives and property of innocent Ferguson citizens.

They have succeeded, as Governor Jay Nixon has ordered the Missouri national guard to enter the war zone that used to be Ferguson.

Thus, the quest for justice has been overshadowed by looting, Molotov Cocktails, and death threats borne of hatred, ignorance, and greed.

Rest in peace, Michael Brown?