Obama Asks: Given Tranquil State of World Affairs, Is ISIL “Strategy” REALLY Necessary?

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Hussein Obama shocked, saddened, and disappointed millions of patriotic Americans when, upon returning from his long, but totally undeserved, vacation he blithely announced that his administration does NOT YET have a strategy for dealing with ISIL.

Which is quite disconcerting because, as nearly everyone but Obama knows, ISIL is the most viscous, subhuman terrorist group ever to threaten modern civilization at large, and America in particular.

Only the most shallow, anti-American tyrannical dumbbell, posing as Commander-in-Chief,  would stand before the American people and admit, without a hint of shame or regret, that the administration does not yet have a strategy for dealing with the pandemic of Islamic blood-terror now infecting every corner of the globe, under the black banners of ISIL

To acknowledge that such a woeful, pathetic character as Obama occupies the Oval Office and is largely responsible for defending the nation and the US Constitution is sobering, appalling, and downright scary!

Future generations of historians, scientists, theologians and others who study social pathology for scholastic ends will be at a loss to understand, much less explain, how Barack Obama came to be elected, and reelected, president of the United States by an electorate presumed to be reasonably well educated and imbued with the requisite wisdom and judgment to exist as a sovereign, responsible state for more than 240 years!

Scholars will be forced to conclude that the lack of an appropriate regard for ISIL was rooted in patently false narratives and beliefs, developed by Obama and his loyal operatives, and vigorously promoted by liberal media, which sought to portray Obama as an intellectual giant with messianic gifts and uncommon worldly acumen normally reserved for deity, or certified representatives of such, as in the case of the Pope.

As evidence of the pervasive Obama dumbing down of American thought and cultural excellence, scholars will surely cite some of the more preposterous examples of spin regularly regurgitated by the administration to deny, delay and deter responsible actions, among which will be:

*The war on terror is over!

*Shame on America: We tortured terrorists!

*Al-Quaeda has been decimated; ISIL is nothing but a JV terrorist wanna be!

*The World has never been safer!

*Islam is a religion of peace; Muslims have made invaluable contributions to American culture and democracy;

*America is not now, and will never be, at war with Islam, including ISIL;

*America has fallen victim to a disastorous “war mindset,” from the failed Bush-43 years. In order to survive, we must fundamentally transform America by rejecting the pursuit of perpetual war in favor of the Hope and Change agenda that America voted for in 2008 and again in 2012!

Given the  pathetic ideas from above, it is actually quite remarkable that Obama has not, yet,  offered to unilaterally surrender to ISIL and add the 57 US states to the newly minted caliphate!