Can Obama REALLY Be Trusted to Protect America from Ebola?

By John W. Lillpop

It is truly a sad state of affairs when one feels compelled to question the motives, competence, and common sense of our President to deal honestly and effectively with a crisis that could bring death and destruction to the American people.  At issue is the deadly Ebola crisis.

Questioning the President’s commitment to “doing the right thing” when it comes to a public health issue is sad, but appropriate, given Barack Obama’s dismal record of disinterest, aloofness, and application of sinister ulterior motives when it comes to defending we the people.

An obvious example is the raging crisis at the US-Mexico border, which threatens the private property rights and health and well-being of American citizens whom are constantly assaulted by  3rd-world illegal aliens with impunity.  

In dealing with the “humanitarian crisis” at the border, which is the direct result of Obama’s wanton disregard for the rule of law, Obama compounded the outrage by sending lawyers (paid for by taxpayers), to assist the invaders!

Had he even a “smidgen” of concern about US sovereignty and the plight of American citizens, Obama would have dispatched US Marines to the border with orders to restore order by loading recently-arrived invaders onto buses for  immediate return of the interlopers to the 3rd-world cesspools from whence they came.

Such forceful action by America’s Commander-in-Chief action would have sent a clear and powerful message to the ruling elite in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador:

America is a sovereign nation with established borders and laws that must be complied with.  It is not OK for Central American nations to ship their problems north for American taxpayers to deal with!

Of course, Obama did no such thing, opting instead to invite even more illegal invasions---and American citizens be damned!

In addition, this president has willfully and illegally used the federal government of the United States against American citizens and political opponents.

This abuse has seen Barack Obama use the VA, the IRS, NSA, and other powerful government agencies against Americans, for political expediency and gain.

Thus, the question, “Can Obama Be Trusted to Protect America from Ebola?” is a valid one, even though the answer may not what we the people want to hear!