Whither Media, GOP Outrage Over Extravagant Obama Family Outings?

By John W. Lillpop

It’s bad enough that America is saddled with a corrupt, incompetent, clueless, anti-American Marxist in the Oval Office.

However, it’s altogether unacceptable that The One is betrothed to an equally- deluded liberal elitist who, while professing to possess a heart which bleeds incessantly for the “less advantaged,” spends lavish sums to entertain she and her teen daughters (and even her GD mother for heavens sake!) with luxury respites hither and yonder, seemingly whenever she wishes, with little or no regard for the cost to American taxpayers: that is,  we the fools who work hard and pay taxes and struggle to make ends meet in an economy which is hampered from even modest growth by the morbid, failed  tax and spend policies of her out-of-touch hubby.

How ironic that Michelle Obama, a go-to spokesperson in the Progressive war on income inequality, wage theft, and minimum-wage hysteria, is off on yet another ostentatious  sojourn, with teen children and unelected mum in tow, while the “disadvantaged” suffer the economic devastation imposed by ObamaCare and other wrong-headed actions by Democrats, implemented solely to provide Obama with what was supposed to be a legacy that would guarantee The One a reserved spot on Mount Rushmore!

The mind boggles!

But, what about the ravages of income equality? Or wage theft, made possible through confiscation of ungodly sums in income taxes, which are the means by which Michelle’s unnecessary, irrelevant, and nonsensical vacation travel is relegated to the taxpayers’ tab?

As reported, Mrs. Obama is off to China:

First Lady Michelle Obama, her daughters and her mother plan a week-long solo visit to China this month that includes meetings with China's first lady and high school and university students - and that will likely cost U.S. taxpayers millions of dollars.
President Obama and his family have come under heavy scrutiny for the unprecedented high travel costs during his time in office - and a week-long trip to China for four members of the First Family, members of the Secret Service and other members of the White House staff will likely cost several millions of dollars.
The president's pricey travels have become so controversial that Judicial Watch was forced to sue the Secret Service and Defense Department to get them to turn over records on the amount of taxpayer money used to fly the First Family all over the world - in many cases for vacations or fundraisers - over the last two years of his administration.

What the records show was startling. 

According to Judicial Watch, it cost more than $11 million for the president and his wife to travel to Africa to attend Nelson Mandela's funeral in December of last year. According to the New York Daily News, the Obamas were only in Africa for 'less than 13 hours.'
But that trip was nothing compared to a 2013 visit the Obamas made to the Dark Continent, which reportedly cost tax payer more than $100 million.
On the 2013 trip, some of the reported expenditures include the stationing of a Navy aircraft carrier off the coast of Africa equipped with a fully staffed medical trauma center, military cargo planes to fly a fleet of 56 support vehicles to transport the Obamas - complete with 14 limousines and three trucks carrying bulletproof glass to cover the windows of the hotels where the Obamas were to stay - and fighter jets that flew in shifts to provide coverage over the president's airspace for the entire trip.
In June, the first lady went to Ireland for a two-day trip. The cost to taxpayers: $5 million.
Michelle Obama reportedly stayed at a $3,300-per-night hotel in Dublin, and needed to book 30 rooms at the posh Shelbourne Hotel for her staff and security detail.
For two vacations the Obamas took in 2013 - one to Hawaii and one to Martha's Vineyard - records show that it cost taxpayers a whopping $7,396,531 in flight expenses alone.
That figure also includes travel expenses for the president's trip to California to file the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
During an August trip to California, during which Obama attended a party held by Democratic fundraiser Jeffrey Katzenberg and again appeared on the Tonight Show, taxpayers paid more than $2 million in travel expenses for the president and his security detail.
The president will not be joining his family on what will be the first lady's first visit to the Asian economic powerhouse.
In an announcement on the White House blog, the first lady says a China visit is important because it is the most populous country in the world, with more than 1.3 billion people, and is an important world actor.
Mrs. Obama will travel from March 19-26, spending several days in the capital of Beijing before stops in the central city of Xian and the southwestern city of Chengdu, the White House said. Her schedule includes a meeting with Peng Liyuan, the wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping.”

No question about it, Michelle, her two daughters, and mum will spend  millions of taxpayer dollars, but exactly for what?

Wouldn't  it be more humane and "progressive" to spend those millions on the disadvantaged  and middle-class Americans who languish in poverty, and worse, because of Obamacare and other liberal miscalculations?

For example, why not have the Obama females stay at home and use the cost savings to pay off a few hundred mortgages in foreclosure?  Or pay off a few hundred student loans?  Or pay unaffordable Obamacare premiums for the disadvantaged?

Adding to the distress is the fact that Republicans in Congress have done nothing to challenge or question the Obama rape of the American taxpayer.

Why is that so, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner?

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2572615/Michelle-Obama-plans-pricey-trip-China-First-Family-criticized-spending-hundreds-millions-dollars-traveling-taxpayers-dime.html#ixzz2wssfZO7T
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