Barack, a Victim of “Job Lock”?

By John W. Lillpop

Next to income inequality and minimum wage stomach pains, the latest ailment among progressives is the growing outrage over ‘job lock,’ the condition that forces individuals to WORK, often in unflattering positions for less pay than wished for, rather than being free to follow the dreams promised by Utopian knot heads.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco is pushing Obamacare as a solution to the strictures of job lock:

“What we see is that people are leaving their jobs because they are no longer job-locked,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters after House votes Tuesday afternoon. “They are following their aspirations to be a writer; to be self-employed; to start a business. This is the entrepreneurial piece. So it’s not going to cost jobs. It’s going to shift how people make a living and reach their aspirations.”

Pelosi said she hadn’t “fully” seen the report, but, “this was one of the goals. To give people life, a healthy life, liberty to pursue their happiness. And that liberty is to not be job-locked, but to follow their passion.”

Under the Pelosi version of demented thinking, it is not nearly enough for big government to provide high-paying jobs for everyone. Indeed, government employment nannies must now be focused on providing the  “right to pursue happiness,” whatever the hell that means.

Only a person of Pelosi’s limited awareness and acumen would even consider the ‘pursuit of happiness’ as a fundamental role to be subsidized by taxpayers!

Is there no limit to the insanity of the unchecked liberal mind?

Pelosi’s delusion of ‘job lock’ apparently resonates fairly strongly with the man currently occupying the Oval Office.

Indeed, it appears as though Barack Obama would rather be in quest of a career in the National Basketball Association, or vying for a gig as an ESPN sportscaster, or as a paid diplomat-caddy to golfer Tiger Woods.

Barack seems more suited for the rigors of hoops and bogeys than fighting an obnoxious Russian president, who is in the midst of a severe mid-life crises which threatens world peace and, if things escalate out of control, could tarnish the coveted Nobel Peace Prize purloined by The One after just a few days of residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Forget debt ceilings, malcontent Muslims, and obtuse Republicans!  The One deserves more congeniality and the joys of lollygaging around important issues of the day, such as March Madness and the NCAA basketball brackets!

After all, its almost Spring!

To hell with job lock!

Free Barack Obama—a position that most thinking Americans would be all too willing to accommodate as soon as possible!