Latinos Teach Vital Lesson to Obama, Democrats: Lying Has Consequences!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama and other Democrat liars are finally paying the price for falsely promising “if you like your doctor and health care plan, you can keep them. Period!”, when, in fact, it was well known by The One and his fork-tongued compatriots that such promises were impossible.

In a spectacular affirmation of the fact that “lying has consequences,” The One, along with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and vulnerable Democrats in Congress are being forced to face reality as mid-term elections loom, and as of now, portend a well-deserved trouncing of the party of donkeys.

Obama’s wanton, wicked aversion to truth has even  alienated Latinos, until now one of the most loyal constituencies of the Democrat Party, owing to Obama’s  irresponsible flaunting of the rule of law, US sovereignty, US borders, and disregard for the welfare and well-being of American citizens, in deference to illegal aliens.

As reported at the reference, Obama’s lying ways have boomeranged against the president and his Marxist health-care scam known as Obamacare:

LOS ANGELES — Ruben Acosta, a 53-year-old security guard and legal immigrant from Mexico, shoved his fears aside and made a visit to a school administration building in Compton on a Wednesday last week because he wanted health insurance.

 “A lot of Latino people don’t come because they’re afraid,” said Acosta, who brought his wife and 6-year-old granddaughter, a U.S. citizen, to the Covered California enrollment event at the Compton Unified School District.

“Obama promised that [applicants’ immigration status] information won’t be shared, but he also promised he’d pass immigration reform,” Acosta said, raising his eyebrows as he relayed reasons to be wary of government promises.

Acosta overcame his own doubts, because his health care plan from work does not cover his wife, 46-year-old Ana Acosta, who is still paying back a $5,000 emergency room bill from the last time she got sick. It also helps that most of his immediate family members are either in the U.S. legally or citizens.

Undocumented immigrants — and even many legal immigrants — are excluded entirely from the Affordable Care Act, which passed four years ago in part because Democrats were emphatic that no unauthorized immigrant would benefit from the law. Requiring the vast majority of Americans to purchase health insurance or face a fine on their taxes was controversial enough without bringing in the hot-button issue of illegal immigration. Even young undocumented immigrants who are eligible for work permits — the so-called “Dreamers” brought to America as children — will be barred from insurance under Obamacare, the administration clarified in 2012.”

Latinos, who are younger on average than the population as a whole and who make up more than 60 percent of the uninsured in California, will need to sign up for insurance in the state in droves in order to offset the costs of sicker, older people. The same holds true around the country: A third of all non-elderly, uninsured Americans are Latino, nearly 16 million in total.

But California has more undocumented immigrants than any state — two million of them — and is the only one of the three big states with large Latino populations and high numbers of uninsured to accept the expansion of Medicaid for those who are legal (Texas and Florida turned the Medicaid expansion down). That makes the enrollment effort in the Golden State especially important, and complicated.”

Once again, sanity and veracity are working in tandem to protect America from the dictatorial, fascist overreach of deluded “progressives” such as Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi!