Serendipity to the Rescue in California?

By John W. Lillpop

California has been in the political doldrums for so long that it’s as though the fate of the Golden State has become the exclusive province of far-left lunatics, and certain death for conservative values and common sense.

An exaggeration?

Consider the fact that the Democrat Party has enjoyed a super majority in the California state legislature, AND that the Governor’s mansion is presently occupied by Jerry Brown, known notoriously, but accurately, as  “Moon Beam,” owing to his far-left goofiness.

The liberal stranglehold on California has been aggravated by a devastating drought which threatened to confront the state with a water crisis of a gravity last seen 500 years ago, or so.

Hideous? Hopeless? The end?

Perhaps not!

Just last week, the Democrat-fabricated god of global warming went on a coffee break for a few days and left the skies over California unguarded. As a result, it rained, rained, and continues to rain.  Not enough to put the drought to rest, but enough to convince some of us that God is still in charge, and to reaffirm the fact that climate change is nothing but a lot of leftist hot air!

And then as mother nature was blessing California with gobs of wet stuff, another miracle surfaced.

As reported at the reference, corruption and crime, mainstays of the Democrat Party in California as is the case all across the nation, finally caught up with liberal rascals in Sacramento:

SACRAMENTO -- It took Democrats more than a century to win a supermajority in both houses of the California Legislature, but a pair of high-profile corruption cases has now cost them their dominating two-thirds majority in the state Senate in little more than a year. 

State Sen. Ronald Calderon's decision Sunday to take a paid leave of absence while he fights federal corruption charges will eliminate the supermajority his party won in 2012, threatening the policy priorities of some Democratic lawmakers and Gov. Jerry Brown.
"Suddenly, Republicans have leverage they didn't have a week ago," said Bill Whalen, a former aide to Republican Gov. Pete Wilson who works as a fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution. "They're now in a position to name a price, and the question is: Do they have a price in mind?"

Senate Republicans are currently considering plans to formally suspend Calderon and Wright, D-Inglewood, said Peter DeMarco, a spokesman for Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff. Wright was granted leave last week after his conviction on eight felony counts of perjury and voter fraud.

California law requires that proposed constitutional amendments, new taxes and fees and ballot propositions initiated by the Legislature win support from two-thirds of the lawmakers in each house. That threshold does not change when lawmakers volunteer or are forced to vacate their seats.

Bottom line: As the rain drops fall and corrupt Democrats bail, Californians are obliged to look skyward and give thanks for a desperately needed hand-out from serendipity!

Reference: http://www.mercurynews.com/california/ci_25267973/corruption-scandals-cost-california-democrats-supermajority-control-senate