Obamacare to Exacerbate “Income Inequality”?

By John W. Lillpop

Despite what Harry Reid and other liberal ostriches are saying, Obamacare is a scourge to the very people it was supposed to benefit: Low-income and poor people.

Once again, the bitter truth of this progressive scam is being recognized and spoken out about by organized labor, one of the most faithful and patronized constituencies of the Democrat tyranny machine.

As reported at the reference, another major labor union has seen through the glitzy talk and promises of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama concerning Obamacare, and is not amused:

A national union that represents 300,000 low-wage hospitality workers charges in a new report that Obamacare will slam wages, cut hours, limit access to health insurance and worsen the very “income equality” President Obama says he is campaigning to fix.

Unite Here warned that due to Obamacare's much higher costs for health insurance than what union workers currently pay, the result will be a pay cut of up to $5 an hour. "If employers follow the incentives in the law, they will push families onto the exchanges to buy coverage. This will force low-wage service industry employees to spend $2.00, $3.00 or even $5.00 an hour of their pay to buy similar coverage," said the union in a new report.

“Only in Washington could asking the bottom of the middle class to finance health care for the poorest families be seen as reducing inequality,” said the report from Unite Here. “Without smart fixes, the ACA threatens the middle class with higher premiums, loss of hours, and a shift to part-time work and less comprehensive coverage,” said the report, titled, “The Irony of Obamacare: Making Inequality Worse.”

When will labor unions learn that progressive “solutions” which are based on stealing wealth and redistributing same to more preferred constituencies, will never solve anything.

Listen up, labor: Liberal politicians are, despite what they say, the enemy of working families! And do not forget to vote this November!