America's "Unfinished Task"

By John W. Lillpop

According to Barack Hussein Obama, the economic doldrums which find 23 million Americans disenfranchised from the world of gainful, or most productive, employment, is but an ‘unfinished task.”

No big deal, right, Barack?

Unfortunately, Obama’s ‘unfinished task’ is really an all-encompassing disaster with the potential to destroy America’s prosperity and preeminence, on issues both domestic and foreign in nature.

It includes a $16.3 trillion (and growing!) federal deficit, and the president’s urgent need to impose higher taxes so as to “Hurt” the successful even more, regardless of harm to the economy and the middle-class.

It includes the Obama-initiated sequestration which could very well devastate America’s ability to defend herself, and bring about a second economic recession-- before recovery is achieved from the failures of the first Obama term!

It includes leftist designs to infringe on the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution, while ignoring the root causes of gun violence.

It includes dealing with the Islamic Republic of Iran and that nation’s fast-approaching nuclear capability and evil commitment to move Israel into the Mediterranean, or worse.

It includes confronting the unpleasant reality that the City of Los Angeles may soon be vulnerable to annihilation via nuclear missiles fired from the North Korean capitol of Pyongyang.

It includes addressing crises in Syria, Egypt, Pakistan and other Muslim nations where Al-Quaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other dangerous extremists ache for the opportunity to kill millions of Americans and impose 7th Century standards on an unwilling modern world.

It includes “Comprehensive” immigration reform to transform foreign invaders into American citizens as payback for the Latino vote, while reducing our blessed nation to a suburb of the failed, third-world state of Mexico.

It includes implementation of the Marxist health-care tragedy of ObamaCare which will, in contradiction of Obama’s promises, increase the cost of health care while causing millions to lose existing coverage.

Most of all, it includes the need to revise the 22nd Amendment so that Obama can exercise dictatorial leverage over America for as long as may be needed to clean up the mess that this narcissistic tyrant has created with his own two hands, aided and abetted by Marxists posing as Democrats.

The most critical Unfinished Task?

For the future of a free and healthy America, We the People must assure that the likes of Barack Hussein Obama never again occupy any position of power or influence in America!