Obama to Emancipate Big Government from Designs Of Evil Capitalists-- on Abe Lincoln’s Birthday!

By John W. Lillpop

After wasting four years, trillions of dollars of American taxpayer treasure, and encumbering untold numbers of future generations with unsustainable debt in pursuit of worthless Marxist schemes, President Barack Obama says he will use the State of the Union spiel on February 12 to focus on jobs!

And not a minute too soon, Barack!

After three comatose “summers of recovery,” 23 million Americans unemployed or underemployed, negative growth in the last quarter of 2012, and with one credit downgrade already on America’s books, and another rumored to be nigh, the boy genius from Kenya is once again promising to tend to the issue that people really care about: Jobs and the economy!

So it is that Obama will abuse the birthday and memory of Abraham Lincoln (February 12) to announce his sweeping plan for emancipation of the thousands of bureaucrats and wasteful programs employed by the federal government from the clutches of sound economic policy, thereby assuring further decline of the US economy:

As reported in the media:

President Obama’s inaugural address last month was billed as a call to action, as well as a not-so-subtle declaration that American politics had been transformed -- on the role of government, on gay rights, and on war.
But tomorrow night’s State of the Union will have a slightly different focus, White House aides say, with Obama emphasizing the economy and revisiting the economic themes from his re-election campaign. The speech “will outline his plan to create jobs and grow the middle class by investing in people,” an administration official tells First Read, adding: “The president’s plan grows the economy from the middle out by investing in manufacturing, clean energy, education, and infrastructure.”

Obama also will call on Congress to reduce the nation’s deficit and debt, including via entitlement reform, but he will say these cuts need to be balanced and not borne solely by the middle class. The White House always viewed his two big speeches in three weeks (the inaugural and State of the Union) as two bites at the bully-pulpit apple. And the same administration official calls the two speeches “two acts in the same play.” While the White House maintains they have been focused on the economy, tomorrow’s speech will put an end to the chatter (they hope) that they haven’t spent enough time TALKING about the economy.”

Excuse me, Mr. President.

But other than TALKING about the economy just what else has your administration done to IMPROVE the economy and the unemployment quagmire? Raising taxes and working to bring 11 million foreign illegal aliens out from the shadows and into the work force to compete against US citizens does not qualify, sir!

Perhaps a change in strategy would help? How about a Tax CUT for entrepreneurs and small business owners, those rare souls who can actually create jobs? How about supporting American citizens instead of foreign invaders for a change?

How about terminating ObamaCare and the devastating impact that that Marxist nonsense will have on job creation and growth?

Why not really show your grit by establishing a “Jobs Council” to demonstrate the extent of your heart ache for those 23 million abandoned Americans who are unemployed or underemployed?

Why not issue an Executive Order (or two dozen) to command the Bureau of Labor Statistics to ignore the millions of Americans who have simply dropped out and are no longer even bothering to look for work?

Such a scheme would immediately reduce the unemployment rate and make life less stressful for the administration on the first Friday of each month when the “Jobs” malarkey is reported!

Why not “Go American,” if just for a season?