Pope Obama?

By John W. Lillpop

In announcing his resignation from the Papacy, Pope Benedict has created a spiritual vacuum for 1.2 billion practicing Catholics including the likes of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and other anti-life, pro-gay Democrats worshipping at the altar of hypocrisy and government-sponsored death.

Early reports indicate a mushrooming preference on the part of rank-and file Catholics for an African Pope to replace the old-school white dude from Poland.

Speculation is that when white smoke finally emerges from the chimney above the Conclave doings in Rome, the Chosen One will be from the ranks of those old males currently serving the Church in a very-high capacity, such as a Cardinal or Archbishop.

Lest one panic, we have it on good authority that Cardinal Roger Mahony, former Archbishop of Los Angeles, is NOT on anyone’s short list for the Papacy, owing to a sordid past of covering-up sexual abuses by Catholic priests who love Jesus Christ, but apparently love the affections of young boys as much, or even more!

The bad news concerning the despicable Mahony is that he WILL be able to vote for Pope Benedict’s successor, a fact that has many good Catholics in a righteous snit as reported at the reference.

While the power brokers in Rome consider the various candidates for Pope, we rather suspect that the name of one precocious Barack Obama has escaped notice from the minds of those whom will vote.

Barack Obama, current president of America?

Heck yes, and why not?

After all, Obama is already revered by millions of low-information voters and left-wing media types as a man of deity, a progressive with a halo and access to the tax code!

And Obama professes to be Christian, a handy reference for anyone aspiring to the Papacy.

Minor obstacles to Pope Obama persist, including:

* Michele would have to go, but perhaps she already has!

* Barack would have to give up golf and eschew the Popemobile, which in his view would better serve suffering humanity as a golf cart;

* Barack would have to take a vow of poverty and accept a rigid debt-ceiling and limit on spending—terms not subject to Papal veto!

Last, but perhaps not least, ascension to the Papacy would demand absolute honesty and transparency from the One.

THAT clearly would be the greatest challenge of all—a mountain so high that even righteous prayer, however intense,  might not be enough!

Pope Obama? Worse things have happened, you know: For example, President Obama!

Reference: http://www.religionnews.com/2013/02/14/cardinal-mahonys-vote-in-papal-conclave-stirs-ire-shrugs/