Greater Evil: Water Boarding, or Death By Drone?

By John W. Lillpop

In his fairy- tale pursuit of being the “kinder, gentler” president, Barack Obama has offered illogical proposals concerning the closure of GITMO and abandonment of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, in particular the practice of “water boarding,” used with great effect to find Osama bin Laden and to develop intelligence for saving American lives.

However, in Obama’s muddled, liberal-infested mind, GITMO and water boarding simply irritate terrorists and suspected terrorists and ‘tarnish’ the US brand throughout the world.

Obama thus makes his case for taking the ‘moral high ground,’ as if giving the likes of KSM full Miranda rights and trying the heathen in New York City, like an American citizen, will assuage KSM’s lust for blood and dead Americans!
All of which must provide KSM and other Islamofascists with great amusement and merriment. Unfortunately, Obama’s Muslim pipe dream has no upside for saving American lives!

Obama has decided to wage war via the Drone, which frees him from the mess associated with going through Congress and all the annoyances of the US Constitution! Besides, he can target American citizens with drones, at least according to his corrupt DOJ!

The mind boggles at the hypocrisy and idiocy of our Commander-in-Chief.

And poses this urgent question:

Which is more evil, Mr. President: Water boarding or death by drone?