Obama Frets About Law-abiding American Gun Owners: What About Iran, North Korea, sir?

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama will stand before the American people this evening to deliver his State of the Union address. His speech is expected to be riddled with envy and hatred aimed at Americans with the audacity to succeed.

Obama will wax brutal on spending cuts proposed by Republicans, and will launch into a full-throated, illogical, teleprompter-assisted diatribe against spending cuts by implying that Republican proposals are based on one, or all, of the following maladies:

Racism, the war on women, Islamaphobia, homophobia, Obamaphobia, “fair share” phobia, and disregard for the poor and near poor.

He will advance the idiotic notion that making 11 million illegal aliens suddenly legal, without merit, will bring vigor and recovery to the Obama- mangled economy. He will fail to mention that he is pushing amnesty not for any humane consideration, but to grow the Democrat Party with entitlement-hungry foreigner invaders.

He will crow about his 23 Executive Orders which set forth unconstitutional assaults on the 2nd Amendment. He will fail to mention that his silly Executive Orders have not spared a single life or improved anything except the sales and profits of those who trade in guns and ammunition.

He will claim that a decade of war is ending, under his leadership, but will downplay the threats posed by North Korea and Iran.

He will most likely be mute about the Benghazi terrorist attack and his non-response to the death of four Americans on that fateful September 11. He will shed no light on his whereabouts on that night of mayhem and slaughter.

All in all, Obama will studiously avoid accepting responsibility for his many failures, while blaming Republicans for everything from the pandemic of football head injuries in the NFL to the 40 inches of snow that slammed into the Northeast (obviously the result of GOP-assisted climate change).

Two question persist, Mr. President: Where are the jobs, and how is it that the Democrat-controlled US Senate has done nothing to legislate your draconian gun confiscation ideas?