While Obama Frets About Legal Ownership of Guns and Football, Iran Marches Toward Nuclear Weapon!

By John W. Lillpop

Just how does Barack Obama prioritize his policy objectives and executive branch policy actions?

Is there a Ouija board that the President can access from his teleprompter, or from the comfort of Air Force One?

Perhaps an old lady with a left-leaning crystal ball gives Obama spiritual advise after dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning the Oval Office?

Must be something weird like that because even the most deluded Obamamite cannot explain why Obama consistently works himself into a self-righteous lather about Americans who exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

And the Obama who frets with nearly as much misguided concern over football injuries in the NFL.

Tragically, while Obama frets about the dangers of the US Constitution and pro football, the Islamic terrorist state of Iran drives closer and closer to having a nuclear weapon with which to bedevil and, perhaps annihilate, all of suffering humanity!

Mind you, a nuclear-armed Iran would be a real crisis worthy of presidential concern, especially given the threat that a nuclear Iran would pose to the Jewish state of Israel.

But perhaps that is why Obama is not taking Iran’s nuclear designs seriously? As the most anti-Semitic president in history, could it be that Obama is covertly rooting for Iran to join the Mushroom Brigade?

And might that be why Obama has nominated Chuck Hagel to run the Department of Defense? After all, Hagel is damn near as anti-Israel and pro-Iran as our befuddled prez!