Time to Replace Constitution with "Health & Happiness" Mandate?

Time to Replace U.S. Constitution With “Health & Happiness” Mandate?

By John W. Lillpop

Granted that conservatives are not always the sharpest knives in the drawer. We right-wingers sometimes have difficulty grasping the deep, elusive logic that comes so effortlessly to intellectual elitists like Barack Obama, especially as concerns great and serious questions concerning the U.S. Constitution.

For example, we find it difficult to understand how it is that man who invented ObamaCare, which may be found unconstitutional in the highest court of the land, feels qualified to unilaterally decide that the Defense of Marriage Act, law of the land for 15 years, is suddenly in violation of the Constitution, thereby freeing himself from the responsibility to defend said law in fulfillment of his Oath of Office.

What next, Mr. President?

According to unreliable sources, it appears that President Obama will make a major announcement that will CHANGE everything in America.

The gist of that announcement: The U.S. Constitution is unconstitutional because women and racial, sexual preference, and religious minorities were all under represented in 1776.

Indeed, without any openly gay men or transgender people involved in the crafting of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, all such documents must be declared null and void.

Other excluded minorities include women, lesbians, terrorists, and illegal aliens. Without factoring in the wishes and needs of terrorists and illegal aliens how in the world can our democracy function?

The answer, of course, is that it cannot, which is why Obama will soon declare it unconstitutional!

At first blush, the very notion that the Constitution is to be dumped seems radical and unpatriotic. However, careful consideration of the issues involved, with an open mind and no bias, indicate that the Constitution, in fact, is a hindrance to the pursuit of happiness in America.

Indeed, why in the world should the sophisticated people of America living in 2012 be limited by a document that fails to mention e-mails, the rights of transgender people, broadband internet connections, the inalienable right of women to kill, at will, human babies not yet born, and mobile apps for viewing pornography at work?

How is it that this document, so very long in the tooth, still survives despite the fact that those who authored it were slave owners, abusers of women, and, truth be told, the most illegal of illegal invaders ever to invade America?

What form of voter ID was in place to assure that the framers were eligible to set the rules which favored white, straight Christian males to the exclusion of everyone else?

A suitable remedy to the problems with the Constitution should be pursued as soon as possible. Scholars like me believe that an all-inclusive “Health and Happiness Mandate” should replace the old-school documents from the 1770s and bring America up to speed with the rest of civilized society.

Key provisions in the Mandate would include:

 A right to free health care for all, citizens and illegals alike;
 Guaranteed free college education for all, including appropriate “adjustments” to enhance the performance of disadvantaged students whom, because of racism and other forms of bigotry, fail to qualify for graduation based on merits alone;
 Strengthening of “hate” laws to punish bullies;
 Right to a three-bedroom, two full bath ranch home on ¼ acre, free of charge to those who earn less than $100,000 a year;
 Right to free birth control and abortions as needed for all women not over the age of 63;
 Free upgrading of the homes of all to include the latest technology in entertainment;
 Guaranteed employment for life with a base salary of $88,000 plus full benefits and pension;
 Suitable transportation for all in the underclass;
 Whatever the Democrat Party may deem essential to satisfy the malcontent among the 99 percent who make up the real America.

Of course, if Obama really gave a tinker’s dam about the Constitution, he would scrap his outrageous law suits against the states of Arizona, Alabama, and South Carolina for protecting their citizens from invaders.

He would move to scrap ObamaCare, which was rammed down the throats of unwilling Americans with legislative sleight of hands and bribery when the votes were not there to follow the rules.

He would understand that forcing citizens to purchase health care insurance, or face the ravages of the IRS, is barbaric and unconstitutional.

He would understand that the Constitution is very specific when it comes to the eligibility of any person to serve as president. Thus, he would make every effort to be completely honest and transparent with the American people concerning questions about his own eligibility.

He would understand that the Constitution sets forth provisions for separation of powers, meant to assure that the Executive Branch is accountable to the people through the oversight function performed by Congress.

He would understand that installation of stealth Czars in order to circumvent Congressional oversight is a repudiation of the Constitution.

He would understand that voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party is not acceptable simply because the intimidated are not people of color.

He would understand that actions taken to grant rights reserved for citizens to terrorists are anti-American acts of treason.

He would understand that the Constitution requires the president to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws so as to protect the American people.

He would understand that it is the president’s Constitutional obligation to serve as America’s Commander-in-Chief, which requires him to use war powers prudently to defend the American people, rather than using those powers as political footballs.

Above all else, if he were genuine, President Obama would understand that the will of the people should be the first priority for any political entity wishing to govern, and that that applies to taxes, illegal invasions, health care, terrorists, and all major issues of the day.

The fact is that Barack Obama views the Constitution as an impediment to his Marxist agenda.