Shocking Story of Illegal Aliens in Denmark

By John W. Lillpop

Thanks to brainwashing by the liberal media and Democrat politicians, we patriotic Americans sometimes forget how truly awful the problem of illegal aliens is here in America.

By the way of comparison, consider this hand-wringing story of the invasion of Denmark by illegals.

As reported in desperation at the reference:

There are enough illegal immigrants in Denmark to populate a medium-sized town, and their numbers are growing, according to estimates from police.

Although pinpointing the exact number of illegal immigrants is difficult, the police approximate that the number is somewhere between 20,000 and 50,000, reports police union magazine Dansk Politi.

Assistant police commissioner Kjeld Farcinsen, who heads the immigration control group in Copenhagen, admitted to Berlingske newspaper that illegal immigration is a growing problem.

“It really doesn’t matter where we search, we always seem to find something.” Farcinsen said in reference to the random inspections the police undertake.

Officials from tax authority Skat are also aware of a rise in illegal immigration, according to public broadcaster DR.
“We’ve definitely seen an increase in cases, especially involving people from developing countries,” Skat spokesperson Christina Steinmetz told DR. “When we arrive they try and escape through windows and backdoors, obviously indicating that they do not want to talk to us.”

The lion’s share of the illegal immigrants are poor, attempting to eke out a life working job such as newspaper deliverers or cleaners and living in shelters or hostels, according to immigration specialists.

Helle Stenum, of Roskilde University, said the police's message should lead to increased attention to the problem of illegal immigration.

“There must be a reason why the police are focusing so heavily on this issue.”

According to the police union, the problem of illegal immigration is not only rising but lacks the necessary attention in the political forum.”

Wow, between 20,000 and 50-000 invaders in Denmark! How DO you cope?

Good grief, California has more than 50,000 illegals in our jails and prisons alone!

Even more startling: The entire population of Denmark is estimated at 5.5 million.

In what used to be the United States of America, there are at least three times that many illegal invaders squatting in our-once blessed home!

The Denmark budget calls for expenditures of about $128 billion a year. US taxpayers dole out more than $110 billion a year to support the illegal alien free loaders and scam artists here unlawfully.

Even worse, America is haunted by a major political party (Democrat) that actually wants as many illegal aliens to come here as possible.

Our president is working against the interests of American citizens by refusing to secure the borders against further invasions, and is refusing to deport invaders already here.

Count your blessings, Denmark! Your “problem” seems trivial in comparison to what “progressive” idiocy has dumped on America.