Afghanistan’s President to President Obama: Get Out!

By John W. Lillpop

In an ominious new sign that the United States has lost control in Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai has issued an “eviction notice” to the owner of that war, that being the alleged US Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama.

As reported at the reference, in part:

“Afghanistan wants to take over control of the nation's security in 2013 not 2014 and for US troops to pull out of villages, President Hamid Karzai said Thursday, just days after a US soldier massacred 16 villagers.

Karzai told visiting US defense chief Leon Panetta that "Afghanistan is ready to take overall security responsibility", a statement from his office said.

"Our demand is that this process should be executed sharply and the responsibility should be handed over to Afghans."

Karzai said both sides should work together so that the process of handing security from international troops to Afghan forces would be completed in 2013 rather than 2014, the statement said.

The president also wants the United States to pull all its troops out of villages, where they have outposts, and relocate them in their bases.”

Being evicted after touting the Afghanistan theater as the “Smart” war must be a bitter pill for Obama to swallow, especially in an election year!

Perhaps if the president had only focused on winning the war rather than using it as a political football things might have ended differently?

In any event, this should put an end to the incessant babbling among liberal media types about Obama’s terrific ‘foreign policy’ successes. Just as he has with domestic issues, Obama has made a mess out of American foreign policy.

Which brings up an interesting point: While George W. Bush was president, Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid took great pains to declare that “this war is lost” with reference to Iraq. In fact, that was not the case until January 20, 2009, when the mantle of power was placed in the naive hands of Barack Obama.

So, what say you, Harry Reid, about Obama’s “smart” war? Lost is it?

Or perhaps Obama can save face by making another foolish apology and changing his stupid time line to NOW?